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Master of Fine Arts, Design/Visual Communication, 2004

School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

Thesis: Faux Realities



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communication Design, 1986

Kutztown University, Kutztown PA



Assistant Professor, 2005 – Current

Cal Polytechnic University, Pomona CA

• A tenure-track position within the College of Environmental Design

• Developed into teaching a rigorous curriculum for both BA and BFA students

    in the Graphic Design Program in the Art Department

• In addition to teaching, my prioritization concentrated on advising, professional

    research and creative projects and service to the university



• Outstanding Academic Advisor in the College of Environmental Design, 2011

• Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant through Cal Poly Pomona to

    study Motion Graphics and Animation of Children’s Books



• Introduction to Digital Design (ART155)

An entry-level class in image making, which presented the computer as a design tool. This course stressed the importance of bringing ideas to the computer, rather than letting the programs dictate the design through the use of templates or default settings.


• Graphic Design 1 (ART252)

Focused on page architecture, semiotic image making and modular design, building on skills learned in foundation art and typography. Included real-life projects for the College of Environmental Design, such as the yearly holiday card and post cards for the annual career day. Presented an overview of the graphic design industry and emphasized a sense of heritage by providing a history of visual communication design.


• Graphic Design 2 (ART352)

Utilized the unique location within the College of Environmental Design by creating large scale treatments (banners, signage, event collateral) as well as logo application to small-scale products. 


• Graphic Design 3 (ART452)

Graphic design and related social issues were covered in this class. Students were required to research a current public issue and address how graphic design could participate in the conversation, promotion or persuasion of the topic. Formal Graphic Design was addressed but students were encouraged to develop their own visual vernacular.


• Senior Seminar in Graphic Design (ART457)

A discussion-based class, with selected readings from AIGA and various industry publications. Topics included the state of Graphic Design in the world as well as higher education.


• Special Topics/Independent Studies (ART 400)

Worked with 4 students per quarter (on average) to cover specialized topics. Projects varied from experimental typography to tattoo design and pop-up books.



• Shared responsibility for advising 474 Graphic Design Majors with 5 other full- time faculty members


Service to the University:

• Developed new 3D Design Class (ART180) as part of the revamping of the foundations program

• Coordinator of the inaugural Charrette Show (2011) and the annual campus-wide 2D3D show

    2009, 2010 and 2011

• Art Student Association/Cal Poly Chapter of American Institute of Graphic Designers Faculty Advisor

• College of Environmental Design Programming committee for the construction of a new

    Interdisciplinary Activities building to be erected in 2016

• University Honors College Board member

• Search Committee for a new faculty hire for the Art Department

• General Education Assessment committee for the WASC education visit


Assistant Professor, 2004 - 2005

Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall MN

• A full-time, fixed-term position at a rural university specializing in liberal arts studies

• Oversaw the Graphic Design Concentration track in the Arts Program



• History of Graphic Design (ART351)

Focused on 20th Century Design by highlighting the relationship between students and their own culture.


• Concepts in Graphic Design (ART240)

A concentration on visual literacy along with self-authored image and message- making projects through a series of hand exercises.


• Graphic Design 1 and 2 (ART 340 and ART 342)

A survey of various graphic design problems, which emphasized the full realization of printed materials.


• Survey of Typography (ART 341)

An introduction to letterforms and layout using both digital and hand skills.


• Graphic Design Internship Program (ART 499)

Evaluated students’ work completed outside of the university.

Guided students in independent study classes and projects for graduation.


Adjunct Faculty, 2003

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

• Developed a curriculum of projects stressing consistency and implementation of

    a graphic design system to planned events

• A concentration of research and a study of current and past systems were covered



• Graphic Design 5: Systems in Design

A study of systematic and methodological approaches to communication design through the solving of complex visual communication problems. Emphasis was placed on objective process and research in approaches to various professional situations.



Teaching Assistant/Teaching Practicum, 2003

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

• A semester spent in observation, instruction and practice to develop skills in design, organization and teaching of courses in visual communication. Explored student development, learning styles, evaluation techniques and multiple teaching strategies of Sr. Faculty:

· Matt Woolman, Sr. Level Studio and Portfolio Preparation

· Ben Day, Sr. Level Studio

· Robb Carter, Sr. Level Portfolio Preparation

· Sandy Wheeler, Exhibition and Environmental Graphic Design


Faculty, 2001 – 2002

Full Sail School, Orlando FL

• Trained students in General Education Courses to use various Microsoft

    and Adobe Programs (Word, Excel, Photoshop, Go-Live)


Full-Time Arts Instructor, 1996 – 1998

Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

• Developed personal enrichment programs in the visual arts field, specializing in

    Disney Architecture and Faux Finishing

• Instructed classes in Imagineering, Computer Home Design and Youth Drawing

• Extensive guest contact with a high satisfaction rating

• Internal Institute design services for special events involving the Culinary and

    Gardening tracks (concept design, layout of specialty booths, and signage)


Part-Time Instructor, 1992 – 1995

Orlando School of Visual Entertainment Design, Orlando FL

• Created a model curriculum in Entertainment Design for newly-opened school

• Instructed classes in Introduction to Graphic Design, Production Processes,

   Cartooning and Basic Illustration



Resident Director, 2002 – 2004

Resident Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

• Supervised a residence hall of 535 freshmen and 11 undergraduate staff

• Dealt with the disciplinary and programming issues related to residence life

• Spearheaded an "Art Student Survival Group" for freshmen in the foundation program



Freelance Communication Designer, 1993 – 2011


BRC Imagination Arts, Burbank, CA

• 2010 Shanghai World’s Fair: USA Pavilion (Commemorative poster), Shanghai, China.



The American Dietetic Association, New York, NY

• Spot illustrations for monthly magazine:

July, 2010: Don’t Forget the Food

American Dietetic Association’s ADA Times Summer 2010

Volume 7, Issue 4, Page 5



November, 2010: A Perfect Match: Opportunities for Dentist-Dietician Connection

American Dietetic Association’s ADA Times Winter 2011

Volume 8, Issue 2, Page18



Thinkwell Group, Burbank CA

• Designed  various templates for presentation books for the theme park industry


Hettama Group, Los Angeles CA

• Designed a series of graphics for Dreamworks Theme Park in Dubai


The Disney Channel, Los Angeles CA

• Designed and developed on-air graphics for various station identification spots


Tu Tu Good LLC, Orlando FL

• Rebranded Café Tu Tu Tango by developing a new look and creating a catalogue of graphic standards for this eclectic restaurant


Café Tu Tu Tango, Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando

• Continued the development of the look and feel for this chain of themed restaurants

• Created the interior space, graphics and signage

• Oversaw the construction and implementation of all show aspects

• Worked with operations, marketing and merchandising to ensure consistency of theming


Universal Studios, Orlando FL

• Created specialty graphics for Men In Black Alien Attack attraction

• Created specialty graphics for Coca-Cola kiosks


Florida Theater Alliance, Orlando FL

• Created a logo and brand identification system


Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q, Orlando FL

• Created new graphics and designs for a redesign of the brand identification

• Created and art directed interior design of new franchised restaurants


Creative Director, 1997 – 1999

Café Tu Tu Tango/Creative Management Group - Coconut Grove, FL

• Created tropical-themed graphics for collateral (ads, brochures, menus and billboards)

· Designed and oversaw signage creation

· Appropriated and installed props

· Designed interiors, selected furnishings and finishes

· Worked with architectural and construction teams

· Opened restaurants in Orange County, CA and Aventura, FL

• Bore overall responsibility to maintain consistency in the theming and concept


Art Director, Interior/Show/Graphic Designer, 1989 – 1992

The McBride Company - Coconut Grove, FL

• Worked on a team with architects, engineers, artists and contractors on the design and

    installation of themed environments.  Projects included:


· Café Tu Tu Tango, Coconut Grove, FL

  (who hired me on directly as their in house designer as the chain of restaurants expanded)

· Big City Fish, Coconut Grove, FL

· Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill, Miami, FL

            o Designed and themed interior/exterior signage and in-house graphics

            o Acquired and installed props

            o Created specialty artwork and wall murals


· Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ

· Dade County Youth Fair, Miami, FL

· Miami Seaquarium, Miami, FL

· Malibu Grand Prix and Miniature Golf, Miami, FL

            o Oversaw the complete design and installation of signage program

            o Created logos and names of exhibits as well as the exhibits themselves



The Holiday Account of Dr. Frankincense

Author and Illustrator




Fruitcake Fables and The Holiday Account of Dr. Frankincense

Motion Graphic, Book and website


      Motion graphic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kphKyeDeGE

      Book - http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1649201

      Website – www.fruitcakefables.com


The Bear Handbook

Author and Illustrator

Haworth Press



The Orlando Weekly

Contributing Columnist covering the Orlando Tourist Industry

1996 – 2000



Schools of Thought: AIGA Design Educators Conference

Pasadena, CA



Schools of Thought: AIGA Design Educators Conference

Pasadena, CA



Future History: AIGA Design Educators Conference

Chicago, IL



InterPlay: MidAmerica College Art Association

University of Minnesota



Tasmeem Doha: Design Conference on Intercultural Design

VCU Doha, Qatar




Menu Design 5

Judi Radice

Rizzoli International Publication Inc.



2x2 Show (Juried exhibition): First place

Washington, DC: DC Art Club




American Institute of Graphic Artists

College Art Association



Chairman and member, Orlando Mayor's Public Art Advisory Board, 1999 – 2002

• Conducted monthly meeting to advise the Mayor of Orlando on allocations of city

    funds for the purchase of public art

• Commissioned and invested in the Orlando Public Art Collection


Art Director, Orlando Fringe Festival, 1993 – 2002

• Created various graphics and illustrations for an annual ten day theater festival