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What does a Student want to know?  What does a student need to know?


Someone wanting to enter into a career of design, graphic or communication is often perplexed because the design field is often fragmented on an academic level and yet incestuous a professional level. Advertising and marketing is blended with graphics and branding, so that a designer is sometimes called upon to wear many hats. And as I have found, a communication designer, trained mostly in graphics, often finds himself with opportunities to work in three-dimensional realms, dealing with architects, engineers and the textile industry. I believe that it is important that students be made aware of the possibilities that are open to them by studying design.


Design is a building block. It is an essential part in every day living. Yet it is often taken for granted by the public and glorified by its practitioners. Design is a language. I believe that it must be taught at an early age but refined as a student grows. This is important to me because, students of design must continue to push not only the boundaries of discipline but also how the discipline is applied and how it is presented to non-designers.


Our society has not put a premium on the arts. Yet the arts are what we live for; they are our pursuit of happiness. Design has too long been pushed under the umbrella of visual arts with painting and sculpture, and although artists and designers very often use the same tools, the goals and the processes differ. But because of Design’s association with the arts, it is sorely been misunderstood, misrepresented and in some cases miss taught. Design is not only learning the mechanics of Quark or Photoshop, but the whys of the image that is being created.


For a student to excel in the field of Design, I believe that he must understand the root of what is, and why is, good design; to understand what the theory is, and equally how to apply the theory. With that as a strong foundation, a designer can grow and apply his skills into any discipline he desires.